10 Celebs Whose Weight Loss Left Them Unrecognizable

10 Celebs who has gained and lost A LOT of weight.
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The entertainment business can be a cruel world sometimes. Hollywood has an expectation when it comes to appearances. Who do we blame for that? Big wig executives, or us as a society? If a woman is bigger than a size two, then she is ridiculed and called fat, ugly, and so on. If a man has anything but washboard abs and solid pecs, then he gets called names as well. Because we idolize skinny and built Hollywood celebrities, we reflect our own insecurities onto others. So, when you’re a celebrity who is bigger, it seems that you’re putting yourself in a spot to be ridiculed and mocked. Granted, these celebrities managed to create their own success from their size. Yet, eventually many overweight celebrities go on a journey to lose weight. The result? They end up looking completely different from what they were before. There’s lots of benefits to dropping weight, including better health…so these celebs are reaping all sorts of rewards!

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63 thoughts on “10 Celebs Whose Weight Loss Left Them Unrecognizable

  1. I don’t understand society’s obsession with being a size 0. No wonder young girls are making themselves sick to be considered pretty.

    1. Sunshine Baker who you are you kidding? Nobody cares about health, and when people criticize a fat person they are not doing it out of goodness of heart because they care about a stranger’s health (unless you are a doctor or someone who cares for someone’s health for a living). In fact, most people that lose weight do so to look better, and not for health, or at least they do so for both reasons. Especially when it comes to people whose careers are largely based on how they look. That is why they go through processes that are not really healthy (starving yourself, going on water fasts, following extreme restrictive diets, etc.). Some of us do care about health, and lose weight for better health, but I would be lying if I said I don’t care about how I look now or how I would look if I were skinny. Most people care about looks, and it is something society is kind of obsessed about whether we like it or not.

    2. Sunshine Baker main causes of all those are diet, and you can be thin with a high ldl diet. Funny enough if you look up how is being overweight unhealthy all links will only say that theres risk for thise issues, but doesnt state why. The why again is actually diet. So someone can be overweight yet way healthier than someone who is skinny

  2. Melissa….is one of the best female comedians….she was beautiful big or small…but
    Her talent and the smile is what keeps her so loveable

  3. Wait what?! People were upset that Melissa McCarthy lost weight?! Lol 😂😂omg people are too much…she looks good! Good for her. Im sure she feels better about herself and thats all that matters

  4. I liked the fact 50 Cent ‘went all the way’ to appear like a real cancer patient. That showed dedication, and that should be rewarded.

    1. To me ” skinny ” means too thin . I think losing weight improves everyone’s looks as long as they don’t over do it and get too thin