88 thoughts on “12 year old weight loss transformation | My Weight Loss Journey |

    1. Não cara, não é sorte não. Independente dela ter ou não o que conta é a força de vontade. O resto a gente dá um jeito, mas ela teve muita força de vontade o que muitos não tem.

  1. i can’t get why some people are upset she was worried about her weight. she didn’t starve herself, purge, have obsessive thoughts or anything. she worked hard to make better choices and it clearly shows. her health, confidence, and fitness is so much better and she’s proud to be where she is. she clearly made the better choice. there’s nothing wrong with wanting a healthier life, even if it means losing a bit of weight. lexie, you are amazing, girl. keep up that amazing work and be proud of yourself!

    1. Trinity11 Carpenter im pretty sure her parents are athletic as well, judging by the fact that she has a treadmill in her house. they would probably make sure to watch how she eats.

    2. Sienna Freyja well yeah, this video is made by a kid. i don’t really expect her to go into every single detail about why she lost weight, and it seems like her parents were by her side during this entire thing to make sure she was safe.

    3. To me it does seem obsessive. You don’t know what she did to lose weight. You didn’t see what went on behind closed doors. All this video showed was a preoccupation with being “healthy” and being thin. What was good was at the end she said she was happy with the weight she lost and how she now looks. But that might not be the case. She didn’t say she was losing the weight to be healthier. She said it was because she was unhappy with her weight. Which is concerning yes.

    4. To an extent , but being someone who went through something like this when I was that age it may seem like healthier choices but there’s more to it that people don’t see including obessesive thoughts and purging and not eating so just keep in mind what they’re thought prosses may be